Sunday, April 19, 2009

Fun Times Ahead

Alright, so, just to get it all down and planned out for what I have left to do in the next 4 weeks, I decided to write down everything I have to do before graduating. Then when I am all done, I can look back and think wow, I can't believe I actually did all that (that is if I actually do in fact do it all). And I can use it as a deterrent if I ever for whatever reason consider returning to school, cuz I will see this and remember how awful of a torturous institution it can be. Ok, so for this week: tonight, I have two 1 and 1/2 page papers to write. Wednesday I have one more of those due. Then Friday I have a difficult midterm on Paradise lost. The real fun starts the following week: Wednesday, I have a 12 page paper due for my fantasy film and literature class, then Friday, a 5 page paper due for my British literature class. That weekend, I have two concerts I am to be a part of which takes a lot of time due to preparation as well as actual event taking up an entire evening. The following week I have this: Tuesday, 8 page paper due for my theory and philosophy of Communication class. At this moment, I have no idea what I am going to write about, plus I feel as though I know very little regarding Communication. Yes, it is my major.(For this paper though, he didn't give an actual length requirement, but everyone pretty much thinks 8 pages is about the expectation as it is all we have really done in the class this semester and is kind of a big deal. I will probably end up being perfectly happy with about 5 pages). Then, Friday I have a 6 page paper due regarding Paradise Lost in some way. I also have a research paper having something to do with the relationship between language, culture, and society due on this day. This should be about 5 pages long. Then, the following week I have 2 finals, possibly three or four, but those two are unlikely. On top of all this, I have 2 more quizzes regarding other language grammar systems spread out throughout the next 2 weeks, and 2 other semi-minor assignments regarding the history of the English language. And I believe that is all. So that makes for a total of about 40 pages of researched writing to do in the next 3 weeks, at least 3 substantial tests, 2 quizzes, and two somewhat little homework assignments. Oh boy, I better get to work.

P.S. Oh yeah, I forgot to mention all the reading I am supposed to do that I probably won't even attempt. Not counting all the stuff I should have probably read last week, I will guestimate around 400 pages of reading left to do. All of this work is probably going to end up being rather mediocre at best. I really don't care at this point, I just want to get everything in so I can get a passing grade and a dang degree finally. I am still thinking I will probably end up with something around a 3.0 gpa, so that is nice. We shall see though.

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Oh Gno

I’ve decided to become famous by writing poorly rhymed children’s poems that make no sense and don’t flow well. Here is my first go:

Dear little gnome so fat and harry
You seem quite nice but I know you just barely
Dear little gnome so short and furry
There’s no better friend than one in no hurry
You stand full of glee
Unaware that you lack this thing called family
But in you I find no folly
How could I in one so jolly?
I think I'm rather fond of thee,
as much as I am of your silent G.
Oh golly gee, what have we?
My gnome oversea?
How could that be?
Is something afoot? Or was I mistook?
No mistake made, though my memory can fade
How did you leave?
I’ll try not to grieve.
But my heart is near hardened
So please return to my garden
I’ll set the table with tea for two
and we'll talk of your trip to Xanadu.
We’ll sit and smile in laughter
And then live happily ever after.

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Sorry little Easter poem

Easter is here, and no family is near,
Is this how it will be year after year?
Will I always be comparing here with there?
Well that might be something to fear.
But it's nothing I can't bare.
So for now, I'll give an ear,
to a friend we all share.
I wonder if He'd care
to share with me a beer.
I'd ask Him how clear
the weather is up there.
What He knows of my dear
and where I'll be in ten years.

Monday, April 6, 2009

Boring update of thoughts and plans, and pros and cons.

5 weeks until I am done with this thing called college. I will be the first person of my immediate family to do such a thing, but I credit that to me just being the only one who didn't have something better come along before finishing time. I really can't wait for that moment I get to close Microsoft Word for the last time. It will satisfy me like nothing else. And to have actual free-time without homework always in the back of my procrastinating mind will be such a relief. Reading and/or writing whatever I feel like will be a welcome experience as well. Unfortunately, like many great new things in life, they come at a cost. There is always an upside and downside to every experience, they may be harder to find at times, but there is always something to be happy or sad about. So with all these wonderful things I will be so happy to longer have to do, I will also be sad to no longer experience the classroom, the intelligent discussions, the passing on of knowledge, and the forced learning of things you would otherwise never think to look up.

And with the joyous freedom I will experience, comes new sets of responsibility. I will have to be a real adult; no longer a fake college one. I can no longer use the excuse of being in school as to why I am not going anywhere in life. Do I need to be going anywhere though? After all, I don't have too much to complain about with my current lifestyle, but I know it would get old fast if there was no sight of something better to work towards and strive for.

As for the immediate changes this summer will bring, there are many. For one thing, I am already more appreciative of outdoor warm air than ever before. Even though this was actually my 2nd real winter experience, the first one I enjoyed more for some reason; probably because last year had more beautiful snow. Cold air is pointless without snow. Secondly, it seems many friends are leaving for the summer, or some maybe for good. Though I will still have a solid group, all the new great friends I have acquired over the last year will be gone, just in time for me to finally feel free to really enjoy their company any day of the week. Thirdly, I will once again be moving, and in need of new people to live with. That is exciting, but also scary, and also just plain annoying. Even though I don't really like this house I currently live in, moving is a huge hassle. But I do really like the possible prospects of future living situations, its just that none of them are a sure thing yet, which adds some unpleasant uncertainty to it all. Lastly, I am now in a band that has some fun aspirations for the summer. I hope for us to improve as a group and find a lot of people who like us. Other than that, I have a couple weddings to attend this summer as is customary. Hopefully they will be a fun time of seeing old friends.

I believe that is all I have to say for now. I hope this finds you all well, and I hope to see you all soon.

Thursday, March 12, 2009

school work

In case any of you were wondering what old English looked like, here it is, along with a literal word for word translation, and a modern day meaning translation. A good rule of thumb to go by with translations is that they are a lot like wives: if they are faithful, they certainly aren't beautiful, and if they are beautiful, they certainly aren't faithful. I don't have the proper symbols for a lot of it, so all the p's stand for a letter that looks like a p, but isn't a p and sounds much more like a th. Not everything is perfect, but hey, I got an A, so here it is. Each line is immediately followed with its translation.

Translating Abraham and Isaac from OE

God wolde pa fandian Abrahames gehiersumnesse, and clipode his
God wanted then test Abraham’s obedience, and called his
God wanted to test Abraham’s obedience, and called his

naman, and cwæp him pus to: “Nim pinne ancennedan sunu Isaac, pe pu
name and said him thus to: Take thy only begotten son Isaac whom you
name and said to him, “Take thy only begotten son Isaac, whom you

lufast, and far to pam lande Visiones hrape, and geoffra hine pær uppan anre
love and travel to the land Visiones quickly and sacrifice him there upon a
love, and quickly travel to the land Visiones to sacrifice him there on the

dune.” Abraham pa aras on pære ilcan nihte, and ferde mid twam cnapum to
mountain. Abraham then arose on that same night, and went with two servants to
mountain. That same night, Abraham arose with two servants, and with Isaac

pam fierlenan lande, and Isaac samod, on assum ridende. Da on pam priddan dæge,
that distant land and Isaac with on ass ride. Then on the third day
riding on an ass, they travelled to that distant land. On the third day,

pa hie pa dune gesawon pær pær hie to scolden to ofsleanne Isaac, pa cwæp
when they that mountain look where they to should to sacrifice Isaac, then said
while looking at the mountain for a place to sacrifice Isaac,

Abraham to pam twam cnapum pus: “Anbidiap eow her mid pam assum sume
Abraham to the two servants thus: Wait you all here with the as some
Abraham said to the two servants: “Wait here with the ass a

hwile. Ic and pæt cild gap unc to gebiddenne , and we sippan cumap sona
time. I and the child go us two to pray, and we afterwards come then
while. The child and I are going to pray, and afterwards we will come back

eft to eow.” Abraham pa het Isaac beran pone wudu to pære stowe, and
again to you. Abraham then ordered Isaac carry the wood to the place, and
to you.” Abraham then ordered Isaac to carry the wood to the place

he self baer his sweord and fyr. Isaac pa ascode Abraham his fæder: “Fæder
he self carry his sword and fire. Isaac then asked Abraham his father: Father
while he carried his sword and the fire. Isaac then asked Abraham: “My Father,

min, ic ascie hwær seo offrung sie; her is wudu and fyr,” Him andwyrde se fæder,
my, I ask where the offering is; here is wood and fire, Him answered the father,
where is the offering? We have wood and fire.” Abraham answered,

“God forescæwap, min sunu, him self pa offrunge.” Hie comon pa to pære stowe
God will provide, my son, him self the offering. They came then to the place
“God will provide for Himself the offering my son.” They then came to the place

pe him gesweotolode God, and he pære weofod arærde on pa ealdan wisan, and
that him revealed God, and he there altar erected in the old manner, and
God revealed, and there erected an altar as was customary.

pone wudu gelogode swa swa he hit wolde habban to his suna bærnette sippan
the wood arranged just as he it wanted to have for his son burning afterwards
He arranged the wood for burning his son just as he wanted it to be after the

he ofslægen wurde. He geband pa his sunu, and his sweord ateah, paet he
he slayed happen. He bound then his son, and his sword drew forth, so that he
slaying. He then bound his son, and drew forth his sword to

hine geoffrode on pa ealdan wisan. Mid pam pe he wolde pæt weorc beginnan, pa
him sacrificed in the old manner. When he wanted the task to begin, then
sacrifice him the old way. When he was about to start,

clipode Godes engel arodlice of heofonum, “Abraham!” He andwyrde sona.
called God’s angel quickly from heaven, Abraham! He answered immediately.
God’s angel called quickly from heaven, “Abraham!” He answered immediately.

Se engel him cwæp pa to: “Ne acwele pu pæt cild, ne pine hand ne astrece
The angel him said then to: Not kill you the child, nor your hand nor stretch out
The angel said to him: “Do not kill the child, nor stretch out your hand

ofer his sweoran! Nu ic oncneow soplice pæt pu swipe ondraetst God, nu pu
over his neck! Now that I recognize truly that you greatly fear God, now you
over his neck! I recognize now that you truly and greatly fear God, and would slay

pinne ancennedan sunu ofslean woldest for him.”
your only begotten son to slay would for him.
your only begotten son for Him.”

Da beseah Abraham sona underbæc and gaseah pær anne ramm
Then looked Abraham immediately behind and saw there a ram
Abraham immediately looked behind him and saw a ram

betweox pam bremelum be pam hornum gehæft, and he ahefde pone ramm to
among the briers by the horns caught, and he lifted up the ram to
caught by the horns in the brier, and he lifted the ram up to

pære offrunge and hine pær ofsnap Gode to lace for his sunu Isaac. He
the offering and him there slaughtered God to sacrifice for his son Isaac. He
the offering and slaughtered him there as a sacrifice to God for his son Isaac. He

het pa pa stowe Dominus videt, pæt is “God gesiehp,” and giet is gesægd
named then the place Dominus videt, that is “God sees,” and still is said
then named the place Dominus videt, that is “God sees” and is still called,

swa, In Monte Dominus videbit, pæt is “God gesiehp on dune.” Eft clipode se
thus, In Monte Dominus videbit, that is “God sees on mountain.” Again called the
In Monte Dominus videbit, that is “God sees on the mountain.” The angel

engel Abraham and cwæp, “Ic swerie purh me selfne, sægde se Ælmihtiga, nu pu
angel Abraham and said, “I swear through me self, said the Almighty, now you
called Abraham again and said, “I swear, said the Almighty, since you

noldest arian pinum ancennedan suna, ac pe wæs min ege mare ponne his lif, ic
would not spare your only begotten son, but you was my fear more than his life, I
would not spare your only begotten son, but feared me more than his life, I

pe nu bletsie and pinne ofspring gemanigfealde swa swa steorran on heofonum
you now bless and your offspring multiply just as stars in heavens
now bless you, and your offspring shall multiply just as the stars in the heavens

and swa swa sandceosol on sæ. Din offspring sceal agan hira feonda gatu,
and just as grains of sand in sea. Your offspring shall own their enemies gates,
and just as the grains of sand in the sea. Your offspring shall rule their enemies,

and on pinum sæde beop ealle peoda gebletsode for pam pe pu gehiersumodest
and in your seed will be all people blessed because you obeyed
and because you obeyed my command, all people will be blessed through your

minre hæse pus.”
my command in this way.”

Abraham pa gecierde sona to his cnapum and ferdon him ham
Abraham then returned immediately to his servants and travelled them home
Abraham then returned immediately to his servants and they travelled home

swa mid heofonlicre bletsunge.
so with heavenly blessing.
with a heavenly blessing.

Monday, March 9, 2009


When I first got out of high school, I thought it kind of weird when female friends of mine from high school were all of a sudden hanging out with guys in their mid-20s. In general, I wasn't always too fond of these guys. I thought them weird for befriending people so much younger. Now, strangely enough, I am actually in my mid 20s (24 to be exact, weird) and over the past year or so I have become mildly acquainted with a few not long out of high school females here and there. Nothing serious, but just gotten to know a few. They can make good friends, but their fellow aged guy friends are so annoying. I am on my way to being that guy. How did I get here.

Thursday, January 15, 2009


I actually wrote this blog back in May 2008, but never finished it to satisfaction; probably because I'm not even sure if I fully believe what I am saying or even fully agree with some of it, or maybe I just didn't want to share it back then. Anyways, last night someone asked me why I never ask girls out, so it made me think about it again. So here it is finished. Pretend you are reading it 8 months ago and that way the events I talk of are current.

Lately I have thought about how friends are made. In my experiences, I have rarely ever seen someone, decided I wanted to be friends with them, and then went out and made it happen. Every friend I have ever had just seemed to happen naturally. They all came to me it seemed. One almost exception was my friend Caleb. When I first saw him I thought he looked like someone I might enjoy being around, but it still probably wouldn't have happened unless we both decided to go to England the following semester.

The other day (months ago now) my friend Joe accompanied me on my schoolday routine of taking the bus into Boise. I guess I was just in a good mood this day because I was unusually friendly to a few strangers. Not complete strangers, but people I have seen a couple of times and for some reason decided to actually talk to on this day. One such person was the pita pit girl who is there every time I go in for a pita. After ordering our pita's, I mentioned how she must always work because every time I come in (which is very sporadic and rarely the same day or time), she is the only one there. She said yep but that she was excited because she was going on vacation this weekend. The conversation continued a little while longer, but thats pretty much the jist of it. Just a friendly chit chat. After we left, Joe asked me if I would ever ask that girl out; after all, she is fairly cute, and makes a mean pita. Nah I said, thats not my thing.
The thought of asking out a stranger just seems kind of ridiculous to me. Plus I know from working with plenty of girls how annoying they think it is when guys ask them out over the counter. People apparently do it all the time, but it just seems weird and unnatural to me. So instead, I have decided to rely on the way all my friends have been made up to this point which seems to be frequent interaction due to common ground or friends that force us to be around each other. Or maybe them just deciding they want to be friends with me without me realizing it. Either way, so far it has presented plenty of opportunities for friendship, and in some cases more than friendship. Most of the friendships have worked out or run their proper course, and as far as the more than friendship, I just haven't felt compelled to take full advantage of any of the opportunities presented thus far. When the right and perfect person comes around, I'm sure I'll be fine. And to reference the old cheesy cliche, God brought Eve to Adam while he slept. I'm pretty confident I'll be awoken at the right moment. Until then, I'll keep sleeping. After a few more years however I might start getting desperate.

Sure, sometimes I desire the boldness to just walk right up, grab a cute girl by the hand and tell her to follow me. But thats just not me, and I'm fine with that. Plus that kind of thing only really happens in the movies anyways. In real life they will automatically think you are a crazy stocker they should avoid. Real life is much more like this scene from Seinfeld transcribed here:

Jerry: I can't take my eyes off that lineswoman. That lineswoman is absolutely mesmerizing.

George: Boy you are really smitten.

Jerry: I gotta talk to her. What do you think?

George: Cold? How are you going to do that? You're not one of those guys.

Jerry: I'm going to psyche myself into it like those people that just walk across the hot coals.

George: They're not mocked and humiliated when they get to the other side.

Jerry: I have to. I won't be able to live with myself.

George: Wait a minute Jerry, there's a bigger issue here. If you go through that wall and become one of those guys I'll be left here on this side. Take me with you.

Jerry: I can't.

George: What are you going to say?

Jerry: I don't know, "Hi".

George: You think you're going to the other side with "Hi"? You're not going to make it.

The girl winds up being deaf, but Jerry does end up with her, at least for a short while.

The end