Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Oh Gno

I’ve decided to become famous by writing poorly rhymed children’s poems that make no sense and don’t flow well. Here is my first go:

Dear little gnome so fat and harry
You seem quite nice but I know you just barely
Dear little gnome so short and furry
There’s no better friend than one in no hurry
You stand full of glee
Unaware that you lack this thing called family
But in you I find no folly
How could I in one so jolly?
I think I'm rather fond of thee,
as much as I am of your silent G.
Oh golly gee, what have we?
My gnome oversea?
How could that be?
Is something afoot? Or was I mistook?
No mistake made, though my memory can fade
How did you leave?
I’ll try not to grieve.
But my heart is near hardened
So please return to my garden
I’ll set the table with tea for two
and we'll talk of your trip to Xanadu.
We’ll sit and smile in laughter
And then live happily ever after.

1 comment:

Nicole said...

you know what would make this even better? iambic pentameter with rhyming couplets.