Sunday, April 12, 2009

Sorry little Easter poem

Easter is here, and no family is near,
Is this how it will be year after year?
Will I always be comparing here with there?
Well that might be something to fear.
But it's nothing I can't bare.
So for now, I'll give an ear,
to a friend we all share.
I wonder if He'd care
to share with me a beer.
I'd ask Him how clear
the weather is up there.
What He knows of my dear
and where I'll be in ten years.


Nicole said...

thanks for the poem. and thanks for your update. good to hear your still alive (despite being buried under mounds of homework...) but it is for the last time!

Peter Roy said...

sorry... it sucks being away from family sometimes. I don't see mine very often either. nice poem.

Lori said...

excellent. i am a friend of brittany b., by the way.