Sunday, April 19, 2009

Fun Times Ahead

Alright, so, just to get it all down and planned out for what I have left to do in the next 4 weeks, I decided to write down everything I have to do before graduating. Then when I am all done, I can look back and think wow, I can't believe I actually did all that (that is if I actually do in fact do it all). And I can use it as a deterrent if I ever for whatever reason consider returning to school, cuz I will see this and remember how awful of a torturous institution it can be. Ok, so for this week: tonight, I have two 1 and 1/2 page papers to write. Wednesday I have one more of those due. Then Friday I have a difficult midterm on Paradise lost. The real fun starts the following week: Wednesday, I have a 12 page paper due for my fantasy film and literature class, then Friday, a 5 page paper due for my British literature class. That weekend, I have two concerts I am to be a part of which takes a lot of time due to preparation as well as actual event taking up an entire evening. The following week I have this: Tuesday, 8 page paper due for my theory and philosophy of Communication class. At this moment, I have no idea what I am going to write about, plus I feel as though I know very little regarding Communication. Yes, it is my major.(For this paper though, he didn't give an actual length requirement, but everyone pretty much thinks 8 pages is about the expectation as it is all we have really done in the class this semester and is kind of a big deal. I will probably end up being perfectly happy with about 5 pages). Then, Friday I have a 6 page paper due regarding Paradise Lost in some way. I also have a research paper having something to do with the relationship between language, culture, and society due on this day. This should be about 5 pages long. Then, the following week I have 2 finals, possibly three or four, but those two are unlikely. On top of all this, I have 2 more quizzes regarding other language grammar systems spread out throughout the next 2 weeks, and 2 other semi-minor assignments regarding the history of the English language. And I believe that is all. So that makes for a total of about 40 pages of researched writing to do in the next 3 weeks, at least 3 substantial tests, 2 quizzes, and two somewhat little homework assignments. Oh boy, I better get to work.

P.S. Oh yeah, I forgot to mention all the reading I am supposed to do that I probably won't even attempt. Not counting all the stuff I should have probably read last week, I will guestimate around 400 pages of reading left to do. All of this work is probably going to end up being rather mediocre at best. I really don't care at this point, I just want to get everything in so I can get a passing grade and a dang degree finally. I am still thinking I will probably end up with something around a 3.0 gpa, so that is nice. We shall see though.


Nicole said...

my soul just died.
but good luck, i know you can do it :D

shaun said...

I sure hope this has no such real impact on souls.

Nicole said...

no it shouldn't.
but seriously... i remember those days and when i started reading all you had to do i could feel the fun draining from my life. i immediately had to stop reading, close my eyes and think of something funny. that helped restore the fun back into my life. it's still not completely back to 100%... but it's almost there. and i only just read your plan of attack... i can't imagine actually having to go through with it!
so it's a good thing that you are stronger than me :D

Peter said...

rough. I will try not to bother you for the next two weeks. not even for backgammon or chess.

Anonymous said...

This is why I left school. I'm so impressed with your commitment. When you come back will you promise to play Sorry with me? I'll even come to your mom and dad house, "cuz it"s been ages since we've played. I miss you, sweetie! Pami

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