Monday, September 29, 2008


Just yesterday I bought $180 worth of groceries. I can't remember my mom ever spending over $120 for our whole family growing up. Obviously, prices have risen, but I also bought more stuff than I could probably eat in a month. Which is why I did it. I hate going to the grocery store. Once I'm there its fine I guess, but I hate knowing I have to go soon and not having food to eat if I don't. So this time, everything that does not parish within a month, I bought a ton of. I bought 2 loaves of bread, 4 bags of english muffins, a bunch of cans of chili, couple cereal boxes, couple different frozen food items, some frozen fruit, like 4 packages of deli meats (its nice because unopened, they last till like december, same thing with cheese which I also bought a bunch of). I wish fruit lasted a long time but unfortunately I will have to eat all my fresh fruit by the end of the week, or else it will go bad. Same thing with lettuce. I like to always have some sort of lettuce around, whether for a salad or a sandwich, but its so annoying because it goes bad like 3 days after opening. Then I am lettuceless until next months grocery trip.

I was recently wondering, do apples or oranges get ripe or unripe? It seems all other fruits you can tell by looking at them or feeling them whether they are ripe or not, but apples and oranges you just have to bite and hope for the best. Are mushy apples too ripe? It doesn't seem that way because I have left apples in the fridge up to 2 weeks and found them as crispy and fresh and good tasting as ever. Thats all


Anonymous said...

you are amusing. and by the way... i do the same things with my apples. actually my mom does it, she puts them all in the refrigerator. better for us, less trips to the store.

Nicole said...

ok so as i was sitting here eating a week old apple i thought to myself "hey shaun posed an interesting question about whether apples become ripe or unripe the longer they sit out". oddly enough a light bulb came on and i suddenly knew the answer. so i thought i would comment again and share it with you. ready?

apples go from ripe to rotten. sorry to say there is just no middle ground with those buggers, but produce is just so fickle these days.

kylee said...

i look forward to going grocery shopping! A new start where I can plan better and get a couple new recipes' ingredients...if your system works then hurrah, but sorry about your lettuce shortage.
thanks for still writing